Gentree Woodworking


Solid wood dovetail joint medium sized keepsake box.  This particular example was built with a combination of Red Canary wood, figured Maple, Red Oak, Purpleheart and features a hand-made Yellow Canary wood handle.  Base of the box is also a solid wood panel.

Solid wood dovetail joint business card holder.  This particular example was built with a combination of Red Canary wood, figured Maple, and Purpleheart.  A unique design allowing for the display of business cards with a slot behind which can be used to store additional cards, or to place tri-fold brochures or other marketing materials.

Red Oak candle holders, with brass ring around candle cup.  Secure finger grip and with multiple coats of finish, any spilled wax is simply pulled off after it dries.

Solid “wormy” Maple with Purpleheart accent entryway coat rack and shelf.  Four large shaker pegs hold coats with 3 offset smaller pegs to hold other smaller items.

Solid Pine hope chest, with brass skeleton key lock and 2 lift out trays.  Chest is lined with aromatic cedar with the same cedar used for bases of lift out trays.  Brass lid chains used to hold the lid safely open.  A wonderful way to store treasured belongings, and each time it is opened the cedar smell warms the heart.

Pine with Red Oak edging speaker enclosure, with Red Oak speaker stand.  Enclosure is lined with particle board to provide a very dense construction.

Solid wood serving trays, large and medium shown.  These examples are built with Red Oak with Purpleheart accents (left) and Maple with Cherry accents (right).  Unique handle design ensures user can easily balance tray however it is loaded. Lips on the tray ends ensure any spillage stays on the tray (within reason).  Multiple coats of finish ensure tray is fluid resistant.

Solid wood picture frames, in the examples shown, Red Oak and Purpleheart, and Red Oak and Yellowheart. Frames can either be placed on a desk (portrait or landscape) or hung on a wall.  Unique design uses a short dowel as a prop to hold the frame at the correct angle (the dowel is stored in a channel on the back of the frame).

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