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Business Process

To organize the process and protect both the client and the company, sales, the manufacture and delivery process of custom furniture is as follows:

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1. Typically, a client site visit will be arranged to discuss the project and to become familiar with the environment the project will reside.

Deposit amounts vary based upon the scale of the project:

3. Construction design drawings are finalized and if any changes are made to the concept, client approval sought. Construction drawings typically are not provided to the client, but will be provided for a fee if requested.

2. Detailed design and orthographic sketches will be completed following the site visit. When applicable, orthographic design sketches will be provided to gain acceptance of the design (see the sample sketch to the right), which may be done via e-mail or in person as the situation warrants. An estimate is provided in writing to the potential client, and following receipt of the deposit amount and the signed quotation document, an estimated time of project completion is provided and work begins.

5. Delivery and/or installation of the completed project is scheduled and final payment due upon delivery.

4. Building of the project is scheduled and commences.  Any changes to the design following work start are to be mutually agreed upon, and a revised estimate and deposit amount may result.

For small to large projects, payment will be specified in 2 stages:

  1. Deposit payment between 35% & 50% of the total (non-refundable once work on the project begins),
  2. Balance payment due upon delivery (between 50% & 65% of  total) and any applicable taxes.

In the case of built-in projects requiring on-site installation, work is done at an hourly rate specified to the client on the estimate.

Upon acceptance of the design and estimate, payment schedule and receipt of the deposit, the person becomes a client and the project is active.

For very large projects, payment will be specified in 3 stages:

  1. Deposit payment between 35% & 50% of the total (non-refundable once work on the project begins),
  2. Construction completion (excluding finish application) payment between 40% & 65% of the total,
  3. Balance due upon delivery (10% of total) and any applicable taxes.

Any related measurements will be taken, digital photographs may be taken, and preliminary design sketches made depending on the nature of the project.  Material and finish will be discussed and agreed upon during the early stages of the process as this will have an impact on the project pricing.

A deposit is required prior to scheduling of work and purchase of material for the project.  Deposits are non-refundable once work starts.  Deposit amounts vary based on the size and type of project, and are intended to cover material expenditure and other related costs and design time.

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