Gentree Woodworking

  1. Finalize design construction drawings, often with a number of design iterations depending upon the complexity of the design,
  2. Select and purchase all materials required (wood and hardware),
  3. Make any wooden panels required by cutting, planing and gluing up multiple boards,
  4. Cut all pieces to size, including doing any routing work based upon design,
  5. Fitting and dry assembly (assembly without glue) of project, make any modifications required, dry reassembly if needed,
  6. Sanding of all components,
  7. Wet assembly (assembly with glue, final assembly),
  8. Cut and install any required plugs or other finishing touches,
  9. Plug cutting and sanding,
  10. Application of finish based upon client requirements, typically a stain followed by multiple coats of polyurethane finish,
  11. Delivery and/or installation.

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