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My goal is to design and build wooden products to exceed the client’s and my own expectations.  This depends upon addressing and implementing solutions to a number of considerations including: safely, cost, function, and form.

Approach to Design and Building Process

Fully meeting a furniture requirement with design and creation is a very rewarding accomplishment. An example is the creation of a large pine and oak entertainment unit built to house all the stereo and television components in one unit, and for it to be functional and attractive.  This was achieved with a section of the unit having multiple shelves behind a glass door for all the component.  Drawers and shelves (some with doors) hold related items including DVDs, CDs, video tapes, and cables.

Unattractive furniture is not appreciated regardless of how well it is finished or how well it meets a functional need.  A major component of properly built solid wood furniture is simply the attraction of properly finished wood.  The grain, the knots, and the permanence of solid wood. Without an attractive design, the attraction of the wood will be markedly diminished.  With this in mind, to add form to furniture, a number of design components may be included, including:

Limiting material requirements is possible due to understanding structural strength of materials and design.  For example, a project made of Oak versus Pine can have significantly less material and remain stable and strong due to the material strength characteristics.  Another major focus is to ensure the project built will outlive the builder and the owner, ensuring the piece can be passed on to the next generation, to become a treasured antique, never needing to be replaced.

The primary design consideration for furniture intended for home use.  It may be simply due to the environment (children in the home), to the use of the furniture (where sharp edges need to be avoided, or stability considerations are very important).  A Civil Engineering education enhances greatly the ability to safely and economically design furniture and other items.





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