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The primary focus of Gentree is the unique design and building of custom free-standing and built in-place wooden furniture.

Free-standing furniture designed and built include: dining and living room tables, dining room chairs, entertainment units, bedroom furniture, chests and storage boxes, office desks and workspace furniture, other custom cabinetry, and small wood items such as keepsake/jewellery boxes, candle holders, serving tray and business card holders.

Built in-place projects include but are not limited to kitchen cabinets, bookcases, mantles, wall units, storage cabinets, entertainment walls, and bar cabinets. This activity essentially combines furniture design and building with an additional component where the project is attached to where it will be located, such as a wall or floor by varying methods such as anchors, screws or bolts. It also means dealing with the almost inevitable issues present in all buildings, where the walls and floor are not straight, are not level and are out of plumb. This must be incorporated into the design before any work starts.

Since 1983, Eric has actively pursued custom furniture design and woodworking primarily as a hobby. As experience was gained and equipment and workshop access evolved, skills became more and more advanced. A Civil Engineering education has proven very useful in terms of contributing to design and building skills.

During this process, a unique talent and enjoyment was discovered for designing and building furniture. Meeting the challenge of creating new admirable designs where there is no certainty if the design can actually be built, until it has been successfully built, is quite simply, fun. Many of the furniture pieces built over the years have been received with high admiration and appreciation. Using differing combinations of hard and soft, domestic and exotic woods enhances the appearance of furniture, adding significantly to the uniqueness of the piece.

Eric primarily works with domestic hard and soft woods including but not limited to Red Oak, White Oak, Pine, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Cedar, and various types of veneer plywood.  Some interesting and beautiful exotic woods worked with include: Purpleheart, Red and Yellow Canary Wood, Teak, and Mahogany.

Design of and Custom Handcrafting of Wooden Furniture

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